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There are various different kinds of tucking that happen in the modern world. We have tummy tucks, tuck and rolls, tuck shops, tucker tools and a whole lot more.

However, here at the brick and mortar repair service that we run in Houston, we are obviously going to have to focus on masonry tuckpointing, however tempting it may be to stray into other areas. This service page aims to lay out the specifics of what we can do at the same time as giving you all of the information to make the all-important decision to call in the professionals!


You can’t deny it. One of the most important aspects of it rests on neatness as its primary concern. We know that and despite the fact that we are hardened professionals, we don’t shy away from a bit of detail every once in a while. Ever looked at a brick wall and thought that it looked a bit of a mess?

The reason was probably that it wasn’t tuckpointed properly, or that it never has been in the first place. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who likes to live in a presentable home, it might just be a job that will elevate your standard of living that little bit higher!


Just like the contours of a face full of makeup, joints are the things that give definition to the brickwork. People love them because they give the impression of security, of a job well done. And, to be honest, this is usually the case.

Often, joints are there to provide that little bit of security at the end of a wall building project. They are there to smooth off the job and to create a great finish. The double whammy of this is that they are also a sign of great structure, just like the contours that people use in their makeup.


However, as with makeup, the case with tuckpointing is to achieve an exaggerated effect. Normally, the solution for this is to use two different types of mortar. One color is used to keep the bricks in place, to make sure that everything is secure, the other is to provide an excellent finish.

What we do is make sure that the lines between all of the brickwork are straight and ready to go. We can even use a slightly different color of mortar at the end to either contrast with lovely red brickwork or blend into stylish brown ones. Whatever option you choose, a great result is guaranteed!

Not DIY!

However, as with our cosmetic lives and our obsession with appearance, often the job at hand isn’t rocket science. You could do it yourself, all you need is a pair of steady hands and the determination. However, you wouldn’t get a plumber to cut your hair or a mechanic to pluck your eyebrows.

In this same vein, it will save you a lot of hassle to call in the professionals for a bit of work. Why not get the job done right the first time around?

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