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This is the big one, the hot tamale, the grand cannon in the arsenal. We are all masons at heart. In fact, many of us have come from masonry in the first place. And whilst it is a catch all term for brickwork in general, it has a grand history and it is a lineage we are proud to be a part of.

Why call yourself a bricklayer when you can call yourself a masonry? After all, a chef de partie wouldn’t call himself a kitchen hand would they? In the same way, we like to take pride in what we do and therefore it is prudent to make sure we use a name that is befitting the seriousness of our daily lives and routines!

A Joke To Kick Things Off!

There is an old joke in the bricklaying and construction world that concerns who we are and the work we do. That joke is that we never really truly grew up. As kids, we were playing with lego long before we thought about our careers and therefore, we haven’t really changed.

The only thing we have done is to trade in our small plastic blocks for bigger and bigger prototypes. After all, the game doesn’t change, the ways of thinking don’t change, the only thing that changes is the scale and the fact that we are now able to make a living from something we have a real passion for! It is a win win!

We Work With Everything

Whether you are seeking work that involved brick repair, mortar repair, brick laying, patio making or fixing, chimney or fireplace repair or anything else, we are the ones to call. In this sense, bricks are a very modern phenomenon. They won’t discriminate against anything or anyone.

They are there, they are tolerant and they will keep on going until the age of wear and tear grinds them down. Just as a hunter respects the animals that it tracks, we respect the bricks that we work with. Therefore, we don’t discriminate against them either. Any kind of brickwork, no matter the scale or the nature of it, is something that features in our repertoire.

Our Process

First thing’s first, it all starts with a conversation. This chat that we like to have before any work gets done is something that works on a number of levels. We get to know you and we start to form a great business relationship with you.

We are also able to get a good grip of the state of your brickwork and we are able to draw up plans and to find the brick work solution that is right for you. Once we have agreed a time frame and a price, we can come round at the agreed time and on the right date and do what we do best: get the job done!

Call Today

Whether it is over the phone or via email, we are able to give you the answers that you need and take you one step further on the road to brick heaven. Get in touch today to get the ball rolling!

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