Houston Brick Repair Unlimited


The services that we offer are obviously, all centered around bricks. Bricks are bread and butter although we would never eat them and we wouldn’t advise others too!

Our services have been laid out on this website as an example of what it is that we can offer. They are specific to show that we are able to dive in to get the job done in particulars but we are also a company that looks at the industry from a bird’s eye view meaning that we keep a versatile approach. Therefore, if you need a brick service doing but you don’t think that it is covered by any of our service pages, please get in touch anyway. The chances are that we will be able to help you out and the very least and get the job done ourselves in most cases.

Our services are underlined by the connection that we feel for the community here in Houston. All of us have come from different places but we feel a sense of community here, through the schooling of our kids, through the culture, the food, and history.

Therefore, when we work in the area, we do so safely in the knowledge that we are contributing to the community that has given us so much. With that in mind, please head over to our service pages to see what we can offer. Here is a summary list:

  • Brick Repair
  • Brick Restoration
  • Brick Mortar Repair
  • Chimney/ Fireplace Repair
  • Tuckpointing
  • Masonry
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