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Bricks are ugly, let’s not get confused. That means that often, they are fixed by rough means. We will make sure that the brickwork in any building is up to scratch and that, whilst looking presentable, it is fixed, by whatever means that we have. Bricks are also very useful, they are probably the main form of construction materials in the West and therefore, it is useful to have contractors around who are able to perform a great service on them with all of the necessary tools and expertise. Therefore, we have made it our duty to be these contractors. On this service page, we want to explain what we can do at the same time as building your confidence in us and your knowledge of brick repair in general.

The Purpose

The purpose for us with this page is to make sure that you understand the implications of brickwork. That you will be able to diagnose future problems and that you will have realized by the end of the page that it is imperative to know a good contractor for when your brickwork needs a little bit of tender love and care.

Or rough love, whatever works! So, strap in and read through our thoughts so that you are one step further along the road to brick heaven. Trust us, it is a lovely place to be!

When to Call?

Well – here’s the thing. We all know that brickwork crumbles. It is a standard phrase in literature: ‘the crumbling brickwork’. Why does this happen? For several reasons. Firstly, they are tough and we use them as the first form of defense for our homes.

However, this also means that they are the first thing to deal with the natural wear and tear of nature’s elements. Barring some kind of natural disaster, this is what we will be dealing with. Cracked brickwork, weak, crumbling substrates and any other form of decay which happens over time.


The first thing we will do is to diagnose exactly what the problem is. We will do this by performing a routine inspection where we come round and take a look at the brickwork that is subject to problems. After we have discovered what the problem is and worked out which kind of service we need to provide, we will lay out a plan of action and present it to you.

We will include costs in this and all of the things you need to know to stay in the loop about the work that we want to do.

The Work

So, the work can range from anything to touching up the brickwork, to filling in the cracks. On the lower end of the scale this can take the form of smoothing it out and on the higher end, this can be full-scale restoration work, whichever is most suitable.

Get in touch today to find out which one will work best for you. We are the contractors with all the answers to your questions!

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