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Bricks – we love them. They are the sturdy army that band together to keep us safe and secure in our homes. We have been using bricks for a long time as a human race. Know more about our brick restoration service.

All the way back to the pre-medieval period, where all around the world, brickwork was being done by civilizations who wanted to secure their strongholds. Just look how far back churches have been being built. Also, even further back than that, people made it out of mud and raw materials and cooked them over a fire until they were hard. Talk about longevity!

Whatever State They’re In!

When we talk about our versatility, that is exactly what we mean! We work with bricks that are a hundred years old and we also work in cases where bricks are much younger than that but due to a disaster or an unfortunate building job, they have begun to teeter on the worse for wear end of the spectrum.

We can work with bricks that have cracks along the substrate where the damage is minimal and cosmetic to structures where the damage in the bricks threatens the security of the entire building. Whatever the state of the brickwork you have in mind, we are the contractors to call!


A filler job is something that we are very well versed in. When bricks show signs of ageing or damage, we can be there to make sure that the gaps are filled, both literally and metaphorically to the point where they get better overnight die to a quick and easy filler job.

Many people have used fillers for different jobs around the house and our process is no different. However, we are confident that our experience and the tools we use are right up there and will make the difference between a botch job and something that will keep you safe for years to come in the future.

Not a DIY job!

This is a very important point to make! The brickwork you have in your homes and in your buildings is very important, make no mistake! Therefore, just because you have done some minor cosmetic reconstruction in the past around the house, don’t be fooled into thinking that you will be able to do the same job with your brickwork.

Whether it is the chiney or the mailbox, you need to realise that it is the security and the structural soundness of your property that is at stake here. Therefore, call the professionals and make sure that you get a good job done the first time round so you don’t have to worry about it in the future!

Historic Restoration

Because of our experience and expertise, we can judge the age and damage incurred of any brick and make sure that our treatment reflects the state of it. From old buildings that are graded properties, from national treasures to normal homes, we are the ones to call! Rain or shine, we will be there to do a great job!

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