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Chimneys and fireplaces have always had a central place in our Houston homes. In our modern age, with our gas ovens and all of the trappings of contemporary life, we are content without stopping to realize the absolute fundamental job that chimneys and fireplaces do. Chimney and fireplaces are there to make sure we keep warm, to cook our food to keep us fed, to let the smoke flow out so that we don’t all succumb to the smoke of a densely clouded room.

Also, we like to gather around them a lot of the time, meaning that it is imperative to make sure that yours are kept in good working order.

Pride of Place

But just think for a second about where the chimney and the fireplace are in our homes. Very central is the answer. Chimneys and fireplaces are the heart or the hearth of our Houston homes as Roosevelt would have said. We like to put important pictures on them.

Also, if you ask any kid to draw a house, they will include a chimney in all likelihood. The chimney is one of the things that separates the home from a building. Heck, just think about Santa Claus for a second. How on earth is he meant to ignite the magical fire in childhood if he can even enter or leave the house if he can’t even supply presents?

A Question of Structure

However, the chimney and the fireplace are not just cosmetic additions to the houses that we live in. Just as a doctor would never ignore the spine of a patient with a bad back, a mason would never ignore the chimney.

Shooting as they do up the side of a building, they can be thought of as the spine of our homes. They gather damage over time and normally, it is fine, but just imagine for a second if you leave it too long. You will be faced with the prospect of a home that is not structurally sound when the problem was all too easy to fix once upon a time if you had called in the Houston professionals.

Small Implications

However, if we forget about large scale damage for a second, a smaller but equally bad thing can happen if the chimney and the fireplace experience problems. At the end of the day, they are conduits for a smoke. Therefore, we need them despite how little we think about them.

Here, it is important to realize that if there is a crack or a weakness in the brickwork of a fireplace or chimney, you might find yourself choking back smoke when you are sat on the couch trying to enjoy dinner whilst watching the TV. Not a good feeling. The best thing is to do is to make sure that you have a friend to call on when the time comes.

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